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Running Wave Contemplative

As the running waves perpetually lap upon the shores—wilful, placid, sure—

so too may our thoughts turn to God—

God of Light—God of Love—God of all our hearts. Amen.


Welcome to my blog, Running Wave Contemplative .... Here We Go!

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

I’d like to use this blog space to share a little of the Celtic Wisdom that calls to my heart. Please feel free to check in bi-weekly here, for new entries.

As the running waves lap on the shores, intrepid, placid, sure, so too may our thoughts turn to God—God of Light—God of Love—God of all our Hearts. Amen.

John Philip Newell is a scholar of the Ancient Celtic Wisdom, and has written many nonfiction resource books to share his knowledge among seekers—Christians, Eastern and Western Faith traditions, and peacemakers. He calls himself a traveling teacher, in the UK, USA and Canada. In 2016 he instituted the School of Celtic Consciousness, which was recently renamed as the School of Earth and Soul. I was privileged to study in this school. I was also privileged to attend a weeklong school/retreat and pilgrimage on the Isle of Iona, Scotland UK, under John Philip’s leadership.

Go ahead and Google his name and his school! Delight in his teachings. Aspire to grow in your own understanding of the ancient Celtic Wisdom.

I will not re-invent the wheel here. Let me share just a little with you now—give you some food for thought—a taste of ancient Celtic Wisdom—something to think about—to contemplate deeply and take to heart.

Consider this. Mystically, metaphorically speaking, there is a river running through each of us, where flows the waters of faith, the waters of all time, the waters of eternity. Our ancestors knew this, and we know this, we intuit this.

Deeper than the river, deeper within us, within all of us, is the Light of God. As God is Light, and, as we are of God, so then too, we are Light. God is Light. God is the Light Beyond The River.

Hold this in your heart. Embody this. Sense it. Savour it. Celebrate it. Live it. Live by these words. Amen.

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