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Voice of the Celtic Christian Contemplative Soul in Prose and in Prayer

Random and Nebulous is an exquisite state of the inquisitive mind. Vivid thoughts and images shift and drift, and swirl and twirl, in seeming chaos, within the chasm of human consciousness.


Random and Nebulous invites you now, to stroll slowly, slowly, on a spiritually formative journey, opening yourself in body, mind and spirit, into this Celtic Christian Psalm-based tome. Come—enter into the wholesome simplicity of Celtic Wisdom, and find your space—your place of comfort here. Settle in and set about nuancing new elemental insights from the most beloved Psalms.


Allow yourself to be drawn into the deep, deeper, deepest well of Random and Nebulous. May you come into stillness, wholeness, Oneness. Selah

Janis Constable Author, Random & Nebulouse Nuancing the Psalms



“If you have ever read a psalm, you need this book. Janis has given us a world inside the Psalms that is part confessional, part autobiographical, part contemplation . . . . She reveals Holy moments and spiritual awakenings with delicate humor and Holy levity . . . . Go on! Make yourself a pot of tea, return to that warm, cushioned place where the Spirit usually finds you, and let your soul soar through these poems.

WANDA STRIDE Minister, United Church of Canada

“A book of luminous verse, at once prayerful and poetic . . . . It’s words offer up a doorway into the realm of Holy ground . . . . An ideal contemplative’s companion.

Imagining Justice: The Politics of Post-Colonial Forgiveness and Reconciliation

“Like a diamond, Janis holds up each psalm and turns it around and around, contemplating it, refracting each facet through the eyes of her soul, and then offering what she sees to us. Hers is an offering that takes us to places we might never have thought of going. And through it all, the depth of her faith and trust in God shines through.”

COLIN MacDONALD, Minister, United Church of Canada

Random and Nebulous—Nuancing the Psalms is a wonderful addition to your devotional collection. Janis has gathered some of the best-loved psalms and breathed new life into them . . . . Enjoy each stanza, caring for yourself—caring for your soul—as you bathe in Holy Lovelight, taking time to ponder and to pray as you go.

Befriending death: Henri Nouwen and a Spirituality of Dying

Random and Nebulous—Nuancing the Psalms is a wonderful companion for your morning meditation, a gift of contemplative exploration, a personal journey into transformation, gratitude, and the assurance of God’s Holy Lovelight. I choose a random excerpt daily to focus my morning meditation and guide my day. I listen with intention and delight for Janis’ sacred soul message.

JUDI SHIELDS, Social Worker, retired


What made you decide to write Random and Nebulous?

I guess the one-word answer, is INSIGHT. I’ve written prose, poetry, prayers and other liturgical works, for a long time, although I had never published anything. I began to see some key themes and parallels in the Psalms, in the ancient Celtic Wisdom, and in my own poetic reflections. As I gathered all of my writings and musings and journal entries, these insights became very powerful and I knew that indeed, I had something worth sharing. I had something to say! And so my psalm-based prose collection was born!


Who is your target audience?

Honestly, whether for Christian or other, Random and Nebulous is a wholesome read. It is both informative and approachable, inviting the seekers, the contemplatives and the think-outside-the-box-folks to learn, to open themselves, to embody the wonders of modern Christian Insight and ancient Celtic Wisdom. Having said that, having a mature faith and an inborn thirst for vibrancy in spiritual formation, will make for a formative read. In the prose, questions are asked—some are answered—some are left wide open to lead the reader into their own contemplative sits.


Is there an underlying theme or message?

Yes. Our inherent Sacredness, Interconnectedness, the Presence of God, Unity with God, and God as Light-within-us, are themes and threads intricately woven throughout my lyrical musings and stories. Modern Christian Insight meets Ancient Celtic Wisdom meets Me! As with the river flowing deep within us, and the embers of Light glowing from out of our depths, and the Sacred intuition arising, we are all blessed, we are all befriended, we are all beloved, we are all chosen and called by God. We live in the Light. We are Light. Thanks be to God.


How would you describe the tone of this book?

Random and Nebulous is informative in a most encouraging way. It is deeply contemplative, and prayerful, and at times, very playful!

What makes your book different from others in its genre?

Ten selected Psalms are paired with Ancient Celtic Wisdom, in poetry, prose and prayer. This is a unique approach for Christian seekers and Celtic Wisdom enthusiasts alike.


Why should I read this book?

You’ll end up seeing the psalms in a whole new light. You’ll find yourself asking new and interesting questions of your own faith journey. You’ll come away with a little Celtic Wisdom to cherish, and to embody. You may even enter into your own contemplative prayer(s).


from “Breeze and Wind—Presence”

                                    Breeze ….


A fresh and gentle brushing, or breath, of wind.

            Intimately present. Can touch and caress, and excite.

                        Nuance of the ethereal.

                                    Nudge of the spiritual.

                                                Norm of the weather and Mother Nature!


Cooling, refreshing, or, chilling, recoiling.

            Featherweight friendly reminder of Your ever-presence.


How does something so invisible

                                                infuse and inspire us so deeply?!


How does the almost imperceptible

                                                permeate our depths?


How fair and how fine the moment—

                                                the breeze through the trees while I’m on my knees with You!

Random and Nebulous
Light Beyond the River


Encountering the Sacred from the Center to the Edge

Humanity meets Sacred Wisdom meets Story. A Creative Nonfiction message in a uniquely Fictional setting. Light Beyond the River is an experiential read, and it is deeply contemplative, in the same breath.


Join Lyra—nurse by profession and poet by passion—on the Spiritual Formation Odyssey of a lifetime. Newly retired, Lyra goes for a daylong walk, to clear her head. She hikes in the woods near her home by the river. There, she meets a motley crew—seven Celtic mystical animals and birds—and a fish—who teach her seven invaluable life-lessons. Deeper themes—of becoming—of shining brightly—of encountering the Sacred—are artfully braided, interlaced, and woven. The ending, The Coda, is unexpected—twisted. It will most certainly make you think!


Come now and live vicariously in Lyra's contemplative life. Immerse yourself in the depths of holy wonderment. Slowly, slowly, enter into every word, every vignette, every breath. Lose yourself—find yourself—on a delightful Celtic Christian mystical journey. Let curiosity drive you, and let your faith guide you. May you be opened. May you be awed into the world of fine contemplative literature. Let Light Beyond the River nurture the Sacred in you. Amen.

Janis Constable Author, Light Beyond the River



If you have ever felt an inner restlessness or a longing for something more—for something deeper in your understanding of self and God, then I invite you to pick up this book. From the very first page, I was drawn into its compelling story . . . .  I loved it! Beautifully written, with exquisite use of language and metaphor, this book is a must-read for those seeking to grow closer to God in new and life-changing ways.

—PATRICIA GALE-MACDONALD, Minister, United Church of Canada

This poetic tale will take you on a journey that opens heart, soul, and imagination. A delight to meet whimsical wisdom keepers who are both enchanting and inspiring. Interwoven with Celtic Spirituality, it invites you into a way of contemplative living and being.

—JAN EVANS, Spiritual Director

Light Beyond the River brings messages, insights and transformational truths, all of which we can reflectively embrace. Beautifully crafted, I was enthralled, enchanted and inspired.

—WENDY PASSMORE, Retreat and Spiritual Director

With all senses attuned and a heart wide open, Janis Constable invites us to join her journey of discovery and Sacred assurance. Poetic, personal, and profound, her story immerses us in Celtic Wisdom, rhythm and music. The inhabitants of nature are well-met on the path. Grounded, winged, watery, and even human, every creature teaches and affirms with humor, compassion, and humility. Drawing on her compassionate journey as a nurse, and her contemplative life, Janis gifts the reader with a story of honesty, intensity, and a surprise “aha” conclusion.

—DONNA CORBETT, Parish Nurse in Ministry

Light Beyond the River is truly, an epic prayer—a deeply contemplative sit—a journey into the Light, into the presence of God. There is wonder in its Celtic Wisdom. There is grace in the depth of its message. Light Beyond the River is a gentle read, worthy of your curiosity, your focus, and your total immersion. Evocative. Transformative. Light- bearing.

ADVANCE READER, Barrie Ontario Canada

I never thought of my life skills, as all being related to “being open”. Light Beyond the River has taught me so much about the relevance of the ancient Celtic Wisdom in our daily living and being. I too, want to learn “to shine brightly”. I too want to explore the meaning of “becoming more/most fully human” in my own life.

ADVANCE READER, Toronto Ontario Canada

It's a tale of spiritual restlessness, and a seeker's song of life. It is a prayer that never ends—prayed without ceasing.

ADVANCE READER, Waterloo Ontario Canada


What made you decide to write Light Beyond the River?

I actually had a storyline burning in my consciousness during one cold and rainy week in November. I sat down finally on the Saturday, curled up in a deep-seated living room armchair, and I put pen to paper. And the whole storyline and the characters suddenly came to life! I even took the time to carefully and symbolically name each of the mystical characters. I then realized that I had a creative platform through which to share my modern Christian Insights and the ancient Celtic Wisdom. In November 2019, I was literally standing on the threshold of my writing career as I boldly moved forward to write my first-ever fiction novel.


Who is your target audience?

Broadly speaking, anyone who knows life-as-a-journey will identify with the main character and with her identity-seeking pathways. In a tighter perspective, contemplative thinkers, Celtic Wisdom enthusiasts, and mature Christians who understand what a Spiritual Formation Journey is all about—all of these are the target audience for Light Beyond the River. Also, anyone who has read any of the many books by Celtic Wisdom Scholar John Philip Newell, will appreciate reading this book and seeing the Celtic Wisdom emerge in the story.


Is there an underlying theme or message?

Yes! Being grounded and centered by faith, being open to all that God and the world have to offer, coming to a deeper understanding of the term “becoming more/most fully human”, and, finding the courage and the grit to move forward, onward, on a path that unfolds before you, rising up to answer a call to listen and to hearken, being open to God in all of his creative and mysterious ways—these themes are woven and braided beautifully into the simple story.


How would you describe the tone of this book?

It’s a nice simple story told in a nice time and place and the characters are all nice-and-easy-folks. It is my intention to teach—to share—the tenets of the ancient Celtic Wisdom through story. The teaching is subtle, the learning is incidental, and contemplative thinking is most surely contagious! The tone of this novel is friendly, endearing, nurturing and heart-warming, yet all the while, deeply contemplative.


What makes your book different from others in its genre?

The tenets of Celtic Wisdom are presented not in a nonfiction pedagogical approach, rather, they are told through story—in true fiction. One unique learning experience!


Why should I read this book?

The protagonist, Lyra, is an endearing independent woman, with an “I can” approach and a glass-half-full perspective in all of life. You can live vicariously through Lyra, as she learns some valuable life lessons on her journey. Your eyes will be opened to the Light Beyond the River.


from Lesson Six “At the Altar—The Warmth and the Glow”

Deep in thought, Lyra reached out to touch the Altar. She picked up a small shimmering rock and clasped it by her heart. And to her delight, she felt an incredible warming flow running into her hands from the Altar rock, up through her arms, and then throughout her whole body.

Did I just receive a creative energy transfer, by merely touching the Altar of Rock and Light? Was this another Holy Moment, or a Thin Place in the presence of the Divine? Was this an epiphany? Am I forever changed in this moment? Transformed? Transcending? Did I just become something more than myself?

Wow! In my wide-openness, I am energized, alive, and ready. Ready for what, I do not know. The term ‘divine spark’ comes to mind. This is such a formative place and time. Hmmmmm …

Lyra began to speak to Cruith, and then stopped suddenly, when she noticed that the Light in the Altar had gone dim, and the rocks were notably cool. She stepped back, and sat down beside the Altar and silently prayed.

God, there is so much that I do not understand. But you have perpetually been by my side, encouraging me, as I journeyed today. This was a nature walk to remember, for sure! How can I thank you enough for this gift of your Presence, your Ever-presence, and for your amazing plans for my life? I’m honored. I’m humbled. With a grateful heart, I say thank you!

Her gratitude continued to pour out. ”Thank You” just isn’t big enough of a phrase to express all of the gratitude in my heart. May I be and may I become that humble soul which will please you. May I serve you well, using all of the blessings and the gifts you have given to me. My Kindest Shepherd, and My Gentle Pastor, please hear my heart—please hear my prayer. Amen.

My Indulgent Interior Life


Contemplative Prose Poetry Ending with Amen

“An indulgent interior life is an impassioned prayer life—alive with questions, and wonder, and prayerful conversations with God. And, it is driven by a decidedly seeking spirit.

My Indulgent Interior Life is a seasons-based prose and photography collection—a collage of works curated for the contemplative soul. Spacious, intensely colorful and deep, its pages breathe wonder, beckoning you into your own interior-most depths.

Come! Open this book! Open yourself, body mind and spirit, and breeze gently into a deeply contemplative space where time blissfully lingers, where time literally stands still. Let nuances of humility, authenticity, and clarity of thought grace your very being. Let new perspectives and ancient Celtic Wisdom stir you into your own questions and queries. May you be awed into prayer. May you be awed into the breath of Amen.”




Immediately upon opening My Indulgent Interior Life, I was transported on a walk of meditative and thought-provoking forest bathing, without leaving the comfort of home. A wonderfully therapeutic read, one page after another.


Reading this book is like a joyous romp, waking up your imagination to things unseen. In words of refreshment for your tired soul, Janis Constable opens up doors to the heart that you forgot were there. Her words cascade across the page, compelling you, besotting you, until you close the book with a hushed amen.

 ELIZABETH CUNNINGHAM, Minister, United Church of Canada

Janis Constable gently prays through the four seasons with sensitivity in lyrical word. Her poems are paired with exquisite images—photos with soul—transporting her words into new dimensions of self-connection and self-reflection. This book is an awakening. It is a call into the wonders of contemplative prayer. Truly a healing read.

CAROLE BEAM, Retired Parish Nurse

Everything about this book is approachable—it invites us into a journey of life-giving discovery. Janis Constable listens, notices, feels, and imagines her way through the natural and spiritual worlds, with a colorful take on the interconnectedness of all creation. Step in and find your place!


The photos are gorgeous and the prose is eloquent. Stirring. Both have the power to stop me in my tracks, and make me ponder their relevance in my own interior life—in my own precious spiritual journey.

ADVANCE READER, Barrie Ontario Canada

This book is a go-to for all seekers. Honest. Down to earth. Real. So very prayerful.

ADVANCE READER, Ottawa Ontario Canada


What made you write My Indulgent Interior Life?

Why not?! I had a number of exquisite photos that were taken in my lush “woodland backyard dreamscape rising”, and taken on my travels to Jasper, Alberta and Iona, Scotland. These photos and places called me loudly into some deeply contemplative sits, and they became a stepping stone to some deeply contemplative writing. This collection of photography and prose could easily be shared through the poetic and unique framework of My Indulgent Interior Life—Seasons of the Deep.


Who is your target audience?

Anyone with an open approach in life and living! My Indulgent Interior Life opens the reader to awareness, self-awareness, attuning, connectedness and interconnectedness and the Sacredness of all life, through a spaciousness and expansiveness of mindset, and through a certain prayerful innocence. Any nature lover will find meaning and relevance in this read.


Is there an underlying theme or message?

The Contemplative Life—The Indulgent Interior Life—arises as the theme of my work. Set against the backdrop of the four seasons, it becomes very clear that one’s interior life can be guided, shaped and formed with intention. One’s spiritual formation journey can be quiet and subtle, or it can be blatant, and in-your-face. The Interior Life is a place of growing, of becoming, of transcendence, for the contemplative soul.


How would you describe the tone of this book?

Engaging. Compelling. Wholesome. Deeply connecting and deeply contemplative. Full of surprise and mystery and intrigue. A delightfully experiential read. A spiritual awakening.


What makes your book different from others in its genre?

The use of color photographs as a starting point, a springboard into contemplative prayer, is truly a novel approach—a unique approach—into the mysteries and the depths of everyday contemplative thinking. The garden, woodland, shoreline and mountain images simply call you into reflection and musing.


Why should I read this book?

You’ll look at the natural world differently—you’ll notice more. You may find yourself attuning more readily to the spirituality of the moment—to the presence of God in your midst. You may develop an appreciative wonder and an appreciative inquiry in the seasons—in Seasons of the Deep.


from “The Sky is Not the Limit”

…. Truly, the sky is not the limit,

            for in my world—

                        in my creative realm—

                                    there is no dark or bright side.


There is only here and now, in this moment,

            with the sparkle of the dawn, and the energy of Light,

                        and my ethereal, softly filtering presence of mind,

                                    poised in readiness to boldly step over thresholds

                                                and boundaries and norms,

                                                            with wide wide wide openness

                                                                        of body mind and spirit.


I can see so very clearly here—in my visions and dreams—

            in the expansive and spatial realm of hope and Light.

                        I am fully awake and enlivened

                                    in the dimensions, colors and curves of my visions.


Let me ever answer the call

            to dance into the horizon and up through the heights,

                        that I may see far, far, far, and away—beyond the skies—

                                    that I may arise, clearing my eyes,

                                                blessed with a spectral and crystal clarity of vision.

                                                            May I soar—May I shine—

                                                                        May I become—beyond the skies. Amen.

Wholehearted A-Z


Expressions of Wholehearted Living in Story, Prosetry and Prayer

Wholehearted Living is an intentional practice—a chosen lifestyle. It is deeply engaged living. It is simply a way of being. Wholehearted Living is mirrored in colourful facets of positivity—optimism and glass-half-full living, self-awareness and affirmation, and a real sense of personal connectedness and belonging.


Wholehearted Me A-Z! is an alphabetically arranged collection of story, prosetry and prayer, in expressions of the author’s own lived experience in Wholehearted Living, curated for each reader’s quest of self-understanding and self-affirmation.




Wholehearted Me A-Z! is an experiential read, a spiritual guidebook, a reflection to be savoured—head, heart and soul. It is an invitation into Wholehearted Living.

GREG TAYLOR, Counseling Co-ordinator, Georgian College

Janis Constable’s writing has a whimsical contemplative depth—it is captivating. Her work has an effervescence—a bubbly appeal. It is at once entertaining and educational—worthy of your intentional deep deep dive.

TIM TENTCHER, Executive Director, Mental Health Support

A beautiful walk through the journey to Wholehearted Living. Janis Constable has challenged me to reflect on my own path—my goals of intentional action, of knowing my heart, and truly being present in my life and relationships.

 MAGGIE HAYNES, Housing Support Worker

Wholehearted Me A-Z! is a personal kaleidoscope of life, one that invites you to continue to turn and look—to ponder and muse—in the comfort of your own deep-seated easy chair, in the quiet moments of time. Tumbling across the page, its words are not to be noted fleetingly. They are to be synthesized, held, and absorbed. May you be opened to the Sacredness of self, in the flurry and fragments and colours of your life.

— LAURA VAN LOON, Parish Nurse

Brené Brown meets Leonard Cohen meets John Philip Newell. Wholehearted Me A-Z is an engaging read—sure to awaken you—sure to inspire you—sure to make you think! And whereas Leonard Cohen paints his poetic images darkly, in the shadows, Janis Constable shines hers into Light. Janis is Light. Let Wholehearted Me A-Z bring you Light.


Janis Constable stirs into flame my own newfound desire to live the Wholehearted Life. Her words and images call out to me, kindling and fuelling an enlivened spirit, deep deep deep within me.


Oh that I might grow, that I might become, that I might be transformed! Wholehearted Me A-Z is leading me with conviction into the joys and the wonders of the Wholehearted Life!


The Wholehearted Life is a life I want to live—attuned, aware, engaged and enlivened—spiritually formed and wonderfully made! I want to rise up and answer the call into Wholehearted Living.


I too want to know more—embody more—of the tenets of the ancient Celtic Wisdom—Connection, Inherent Sacredness, and Original Blessing. Janis Constable has opened the doors—she has flung them wide open—for my ongoing Spiritual Formation Journey. She has opened my eyes to the simple truths of the wisdom of the ages and has made it all relevant in her book, Wholehearted Me A-Z.


What made you write Wholehearted Me A-Z!?

I was moved! Through the years I have read—and I’ve been inspired by—the published and podcast works of renowned author and social scientist Dr Brené Brown. She approaches a new understanding of the term “Wholehearted Living” totally from a Social Researcher’s and Humanities’ perspective. She uses her data to showcase the true colours of the Wholehearted Life.

I knew that I too could shed a great deal of light on the term—through my story, prosetry and prayer—through my contemplative poet’s eye—through the sharing of my colourful and tangential lived experience. Once the dictionary-esque format of Wholehearted Me A-Z! was conceptualized, there was no turning back! This book was born!


Who is your target audience?

All of Brené Brown’s readers and followers, as well as any readers who are self-reflective, on a pathway of discernment and self-discovery—those who are affirming themselves as Sacred, worthy, glass-half-full, and self-aware. These are the readers who will embrace Wholehearted Me A-Z!—they are my target audience. Perhaps my target audience includes you?!


Is there an underlying theme or message?

Yes! Themes of the ancient Celtic Wisdom form the matrix of my prose. Our inherent Sacredness, our approach to others as Sacred beings, our Interconnectedness to each other and to Creation, our deep knowing, intuition and wisdom within—all of these themes arise within the pages, shining their Light on all who are open to receive.


How would you describe the tone of this book?

Wholehearted Me A-Z! is uplifting, positive, informative, and full of hope and encouragement. It is deeply contemplative, and prayerful, and at times, very playful!


What makes your book different from others in its genre?

Wholehearted Me A-Z! is most surely an immersive experiential read. The takeaway is clearly the sharing of information, but there is so—much—more! The reader comes away from the read with a deep knowing and a desire to embody  Wholehearted Living. Reading Wholehearted Me A-Z! incites a conviction and a commitment to intentional practice of the chosen lifestyle—the Wholehearted Life.


Why should I read this book?

Your eyes will be opened! Wholeheartedness is an intentional practice—a chosen lifestyle—an engaging approach to life and living. It is simply a way of being. Come now and read and prepare to see yourself in a whole new Light—in living the Wholehearted Life!



The dawn breaks and I awake, refreshed, renewed, and ready.

         My soul is enlivened at the thought of a brand new day.


Yesterday is behind me, and today is here.

         Time to stretch myself, physically, emotionally, mentally,

                  spiritually—radically and randomly.


Time to awaken all of my senses. Time to grow.

         Time to get my feet on the ground and get this day in motion.

                  Time to feed my inquiring spirit.

                           Time to centre myself, ground myself, and engage myself

                                    in all that will shape me and form me,

                                             in body, mind and spirit.


Is today a day of quiet contemplation, of silence and soliloquy?

         Is today a brisk walk in the woods

                  with an openness to the powers of forest bathing?

                           Will I stroll by the stream, noticing, attuning, gazing,

                                    like a comfortable Flâneuse de la Forêt?


Where will this day take my soul?

         Where will my enlivened soul lead me?

                  I sigh. I sigh again.

                           I breathe deep and release all cares to the world.


Let this day begin.

         Let my Wholehearted Living begin.

                  Let my enlivened soul be—simply be.


Buddy's Daughter in Soulscape


Story, Commentary and Affirmation in a life well-lived.

Contemplative prose, ending with Amen

Aren’t we all on a journey of self-discovery—of self-knowing? Aren’t we all on a quest, seeking to self identify—to self define? Meet Buddy’s daughter! Through the wonders of story, commentary and affirmation, she’ll walk you through the hiccoughs in life, the sweet endearing bonding moments, and the hard questions arising in everyday moments. With a certain innocence and simplicity in her prayer, she leads you into your own contemplative depths, into the now of the soulscapes of life.


Put on a pot of tea, and curl up in your favorite reading chair. Prepare yourself for one emotional ride. You’ll soon be smiling—in fun, in identifying with, and, in knowing. You’ll be heartened, saddened, and enlightened. Buddy’s Daughter in Soulscape is both playful, and emotive. It touches the hearts of all who grew up knowing the wisdom and the love—and the humanity—of their hero, their dad.

Janis Constable Author, Buddy's Daughter in Soulscape

I'm still deliberating whether "to publish or not to publish" Buddy's Daughter. Keep checking here for further info.

Links for online purchase will appear here, if the book goes to publishing.


Buddy’s Daughter is an engaging read—full of colour, curves and corners—for the contemplative mind, for the open heart, for the seeking soul. Drift into your own prayers, through the crags and the cricks, of Soulscape. Amen.

ADVANCE READER, Barrie Ontario Canada

If your father is/was your hero, you’ll love this book. It makes me think a lot about all of the influences my own father had on my life. Soulscape is insightful and smart—and endearing..


ADVANCE READER, Toronto Ontario Canada

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