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Running Wave Contemplative

As the running waves perpetually lap upon the shores—wilful, placid, sure—

so too may our thoughts turn to God—

God of Light—God of Love—God of all our hearts. Amen.

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So Thankful .... I Welcome Yet Another New Audience!

Written, spoken, with gratitude, humility, and nary a single pompous breath ....

Once upon a time, I wrote simple songs about life. They were sung, with guitar accompanienment, around summer camp campfires, to and for children and youth, and young adults in the Haliburton Highlands of Central Ontario.

Later, in my own cherished Parish Nursing Ministry, my musical offerings were in the form of homegrown prayer songs, and signature heartfelt hymns, sung for the first time ever, in United Church settings, in regular Sunday services, prayer services, and in evening healing services of Light and Hope. At best, they were songs of the moment, music of the moment, heard in the moment, and then these musical scores and notations were filed back into a manila file, for use down the road, whenever.

For a time, I chose to drop the pairing of music and prose, and I concentrated solely on writing lyrics, in poetry, prose, prayer and liturgical eloquence. I held onto all of these works, and eventually I compiled them into two Christian Contemplative Prose Collections. They were delicately interwoven with the wonders of Ancient Celtic Wisdom. I yearned to share the Celtic Wisdom with all who were open to hear it. Publishing these collections enabled me to share my Celtic Wisdom broadly, widely, with seekers and readers in the English-speaking world.

Then, my Creative Life really called out me, loudly! My writings were newly laced with imagination, and mystical whimsy, and historical mythological truths. They were grounded with deeperlings of faith, and relevance of everyday life experience. And, so my journey into Fiction-writing began. I took off my poet's hat and I began to think like a fiction writer. I wanted to reach out to avid thinkers, to contemplative thinkers, in a whole new way, through the medium of story,

And concurrently, I'm setting out on this blogging journey. Yet another new audience! May my words be meaningful, may my prose be inspiring, may my life-work reach out to the ends of the earth, bringing truth and Light to my readers, to their families, to their church communities. May my words, like the gentle running waves, continually come to the coastal shores, to new wide-river shores, to shorelines that are open and receptive to receive. Amen.


Ego-centred? Not.

Self-aware? Yes!

Apologetic? Uh-Uh, Nope!

Simply wanting to connect with, to share with, the best audience ever? Hell Yes!!!

God bless the open-minded and the open-hearted, for their own openness can open the minds and hearts of others, in many, many, blessed ways.

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