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Running Wave Contemplative

As the running waves perpetually lap upon the shores—wilful, placid, sure—

so too may our thoughts turn to God—

God of Light—God of Love—God of all our hearts. Amen.

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Let's Talk, Let's Listen


Conversation, is sharing.

Sharing of story, emotion, facts, wisdom, perspectives, reality and dreams.

Conversation involves listening, exploring ideas, working things out.

Asking. Telling. Understanding. Unloading and venting.

Supporting and encouraging. And so much more.

Conversations can be superficial or deep.

They can carry a tone ....

sarcasm, judgement and anger versus empathy, hope and love.

The tone can be overbearing, or barely there, or hidden. Sometimes mixed and confusing ....

And oftentimes, the dominant perceived tone can be very distracting .... Hmmmmm ....

Conversations can be focused, targeted, mission-and-vision-directed,

or, scattered, free, and wanderlusting. These latter conversations are the best kind!!!

Follow the agenda or follow your nose!

*** BUT, ENOUGH ALREADY !!! Here begins the real blog for today !!! ***

I long for meaningful conversation. I live for stirring conversation.

Deep conversation that takes us "somewhere".

Profound conversation that energizes and incites, as well as disturbs and opens eyes.

Conversation that affirms and elevates and inspires.

This does not necessarily mean intellectual conversation. But it can.

I long to go deep, to go deep in conversation with a friend or with a stranger,

to go deep knowing that someone is walking right there with me into the depths,

and isn't desperately trying to run away or return to the surface for fresh air.

Walk with me in conversation! Come with me!

Leave sarcasm and wit and holier-than-thou-one-upmanship at the door.

Let's talk. Let's share. Let's truly listen.

Listen deeply for what body mind and spirit need to hear, and to say.

Let's listen for the Sacred .... in our conversation, in our hearts, in our midst.

I'm so ready. I'm so open.

Let's talk about what really matters, here, now, this.

God will be with us, for sure. Amen.

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