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Running Wave Contemplative

As the running waves perpetually lap upon the shores—wilful, placid, sure—

so too may our thoughts turn to God—

God of Light—God of Love—God of all our hearts. Amen.

  • janisconstable3

Are We Asking the right questions?

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

Oftentimes, our musings lead us to answers, new Light, new truths.

But, we still wrestle. The answers that we come up with, are as uncomfortable as the questions that preceded them. And we sit with these answers, and our discomforts, and invariably, we get stuck there.

Then bad things happen. We resent. We internalize and make it personal. We get defensive. We rationalize. We ask "Why?" And we dwell on the Why.

We ourselves start to unravel with doubts, insecurities, wishful thinking and what-ifs. We spiral down, down, down. Darkness lurks.

Enough already! Break the cycle! Now! Don't like the answer? Ask a different question! Ask a better question! Ask someone else. Ask God. Then trust that the answer IS out there. The truth IS out there. The Light IS out there.

Trust that with your own contemplative approach, you can get past the darkness and step into the Light, by asking better questions. Trust that with your own convictions, you CAN find an acceptable and workable answer, and move forward.

Get unstuck!!! Unstuck yourself!!! Ask a better question, and then, truly listen for the answer.

Through trust, there is hope.

Through hope, there is Light.

Through Light, there is truth.


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