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Hello! Halò! Welcome to Janis Constable Books

Janis Constable Author, Contemplative Prose, Celtic Christian Fiction
Janis Constable Author, Contemplative Prose, Celtic Christian Fiction
Janis Constable Author, Contemplative Prose, Celtic Christian Fiction

Writing is pure joy, for me! It’s a chance for me to retreat into the hallowed halls of my interior life, into the inner sanctum of my heart and my faith, into the grand palace of my soul. It’s an opportunity to let my imagination dance! It’s my chance to share a little ancient Celtic Wisdom, and some modern Christian Insight, in fiction and in prose, with you!


In my writing, I can ask questions—and then ask better questions. I can challenge rationales, push boundaries, and thereby seek out new comfort levels in the Christian household. I can explore, delve into, and get lost within, the ancient and the new. I can be part of the frenetic spilling-out-over-the-top-think-outside-the-box-kind-of-thinking. I can reflect upon my own personal place—my spiritual niche—in this ever-changing world.


My writing, sometimes allows me to go to places, where reality cannot take me. It can plunk me into totally fictitious places and times, and into the hearts and minds of fanciful, imaginary characters who are faced with untimely decisions—hard decisions—who are currently struggling with intimate demons and conflicts. I can enter directly into their headset, mindset and soulset. And in so doing, I can grow.


My own writing can remove me from myself, and open my eyes to other colourful perspectives and approaches. The research for my writing too, can be an eye-opener, and can shed light on the validity and the relevance of common rules, doctrines, and societal limited thinking.


And last, but certainly not least, my writing is my own artistic form of self-expression. Some folks paint. Some sculpt. Some compose with music notes and staves. I LOVE WORDS! Especially the more unique words which I can use in common conversations—fractalificent and adularescent words which make people stop and think! I love to seek out deeper meanings—deeperlings and Sacred truths. I well up with extraordinary delight in discovering emerging trends and truths—in unearthing and illuminating simple buried and overlooked truths. I try to simplify and make sense of it all, as I contemplate, poetify, and prosify my world. And, in publishing my work, I am choosing to share my works with a broader audience—with a wider world—with you!


Take the honesty and humanity of Richard Wagamese, the clarity and and simplicity of Joyce Rupp, the insights of Steve Taylor and the wisdom and spirituality of John Philip Newell and Richard Rohr, then wrap it all up into the poetry of John O'Donohue, then, you'll have a pretty good feel for my written work. Not said boastfully at all! Only trying to name my readers' pie wedge and my market niche!

I hope that my words and my wonderment, in my written works, will engage you—fully, wholly, and completely. I hope during the reading of my books, that you will be called into your own contemplative depths, that you will eagerly step into your own prayer life, that you will come into fresh new perspectives. I hope that you will have questions of your own to contemplate, and to lead you into a healthy prayer-life. I pray, that you will be energized—that you will come into wholeness—in body, mind and spirit.


And, as this new website continues to evolve, please watch out for a new page, titled “Running Wave Contemplative”. On this page, I will begin to share my literary tidbits—whims and musings, questions and prayers, and Celtic Wisdom. Let’s see where this line of thinking, this concept, this opportunity, will lead us—together!


Again, I say, Welcome, from the bottom of my heart. “Cead Mile Fàilte!” One hundred thousand welcomes! Thanks for joining me! Please turn the page—please click on all of these pages—for exciting details about my books! Peace be with you, my friends—deep deep peace of the running wave, I wish for you. Amen.

My Wish for You .... An Ancient Celtic Blessing ....

Deep peace of the running wave to you

Deep peace of the flowing air to you

Deep peace of the quiet earth to you

Deep peace of the shining stars to you

Deep peace of the gentle night to you ....

Moon and stars pour their healing light on you

Deep peace of Christ, the Light of the World to you.

Deep peace of Christ to you. Amen.

About Janis Constable

Janis Constable Author, Contemplative Prose, Celtic Christian Fiction

Canadian author Janis Constable retired from a fulfilling career of emergency nursing and parish nursing ministry in 2017. She entered into her own contemplative and creative world, to write. Her approach is poetic, her faith is wide-open, and her love of life is lyric-rendering. She sees the Sacred in all of life. She “sees with her heart”.

Janis’ centring words are those from which we can all learn, grow and delight. Her prayerful approach is intricately laced with the wonders of ancient Celtic Wisdom, and modern Christian Insight. Her works are unequivocally coloured by her Canadian upbringing, and her strong Celtic roots. Janis lives with her husband Barry, in Barrie, Ontario, Canada. Her nature-scaped hillside woodland garden, the shimmering waters at the shores of Lake Simcoe, and her very real dawning moments of Holy Lovelight, all provide idyllic backdrops for her deeply contemplative sits. It is in these peaceful places and times, that her creativity and her words arise, and come alive.

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